Discrete Manufacturing

Six S Partners offers the Epicor manufacturing solutions that liberate our clients to think about their businesses from a fresh perspective, to improve core activities and to foster growth.

Each specialized software package goes beyond traditional ERP to provide product management, project management, contract management, CRM, supply chain management, service management and more, backed by comprehensive financial management to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Depending on the style of your operation, Six S Partners can help fine tune the ERP solution
to best suit the unique needs of your business. We understand and have experience with:


make to stock


make to order


configure to order


engineer to order


based industries

Texas ERP business graph for planning.

Choose an Authorized Epicor Partner

Many of our competitors offer services from consultants that are not certified, and this important distinction can affect your support with Epicor and pose a detriment to your business. You can rest assured that when you collaborate with the creative Epicor Authorized Partners at Six S, your business is in good hands.

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eBook: 5 Ways Your Software Must Fit Your Manufacturing Business

Discover how to select the enterprise software that best fits your plans for future growth. Find the software that fits your industry, your integration and automation, your agility and collaboration as well as your future plans.

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