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More than just a new name, Kinetic is designed to future-proof your manufacturing operations and accelerate business momentum.


Take full advantage of cloud ERP with manufacturing know-how to maximize growth and profitability, and move with digital agility to capitalize on data and innovate without limits.

Intuitive and Modular

Browser-based applications are intuitive and configurable, making it easy to personalize your Kinetic experience and access integrated APS, CRM, and CPQ capabilities.


Built with manufacturers, for manufacturers. Kinetic is backed by Epicor’s expertise and maximizes your ability to scale, compete, and attract top talent.

Employee Experience

Attract Top Talent with Future-Focused Tech

A modern working environment attracts a modern workforce, and Kinetic helps to increase both engagement and productivity using solutions that keep personnel connected.

  • Streamline routine tasks using voice recognition
  • Communicate more clearly with team members
  • Master content workflow

Customer Focus

Create positive, lasting impressions

The flexibility and versatility of Kinetic allows users to get closer to customers and exceed demands at every touchpoint.

  • Manage territories, teams, and forecasts in one place
  • Track leads from any device
  • Provide a B2C experience to B2B buyers

Manufacturing Operations

Innovate with Industry 4.0 Technology 

Manufacturers will get the most out of Kinetic’s 40 years of backing expertise with Industry 4.0 technology, maximizing revenue with advanced project management.

  • Get progress insights in real time
  • Improve data processes
  • Empower automation

Global Supply Chain Management

Improve profitability and efficiency

Kinetic simplifies global supply chain management processes–improving customer experiences while providing greater insights into mission-critical activity.

  • Leverage country-specific functionality to scale globally
  • Improve transaction speed with advanced EDI software
  • Streamline site-views with multi-company capabilities

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Build a data-driven business

Kinetic’s business intelligence and analytics provide clearer data for better decision-making. Dashboards are easy-to-read, providing a clear picture of the entire enterprise.

  • Transform key data into actionable insights
  • Monitor production in real time
  • Get quick answers and access to detailed data

HR & Finance

Transform human capital

Leveraging financial management processes based on industry best practices, Kinetic helps create a culture of growth.

  • Rely on data for decision-making
  • Modernize your financial management
  • Empower HR with feature-rich tools

Product Management

Improve efficiency throughout the product lifecycle

Kinetic is designed for the details of manufacturing to simplify processes, reduce waste, and streamline communication.

  • Design and distribute 3D models, images, and drawings
  • Encourage collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM).
  • Centralize product data management (PDM) processes

Services and Assets

Manage costs, improve satisfaction

Epicor service management software optimizes resource management and keeps customers satisfied–streamlining a path to increased profits.

  • Keep teams connected for quicker project turnaround
  • Provides full visibility into potential risk and compliance issues

Risk and Compliance

Mitigate risk and empower performance

Epicor designs government risk and compliance (GRC) solutions to meet industry standards and best practices, and adapt to the ever-changing nature of enterprise risk management.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Restrict access as needed with advanced security settings
  • Meet documentation requirements with design-to-retire PLM

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