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Take a look at what our customers have to say about the value of working with our team and the benefits they gained after selecting Epicor as the ERP solution for their organizations.

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“Epicor ERP has allowed Abatement to grow rapidly without adding additional overhead. The company has achieved savings in finance, and manufacturing and distribution operations, and has gained the agility to react and respond to business and customer needs and requirements. Abatement has proven that companies who invest in process innovation are bound to thrive when others just try to survive. Our staff often shares the Abatement story as a testament to all of the many benefits that can be gained through Epicor ERP.”

– John Preiditsch, President & CEO, Six S Partners

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Wesgar employs state-of-the-art machining, highly skilled personnel and systems, as well as lean manufacturing practices combined with continuous improvement methods to simultaneously increase the quality, decrease the costs of component parts and increase velocity to the market. Wesgar looks to Epicor’s fully integrated suite of manufacturing and distribution management solutions to help support such initiatives.

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The Whiting Group

Having one system to manage its multiple companies was the immediate advantage of Epicor ERP. “It’s been fantastic. The ability to get real-time data and offer live feedback on what’s happening within the company is the biggest advantage. This has helped us to make more strategic decisions on how to operate the business.”

– Steve Kopelchak, The Whiting Group

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Athletica worked with Six S Partners to select, implement and train on the next-generation Epicor ERP system. Well versed in best practices for developing and executing an ERP implementation strategy, Six S Partners armed Athletica with tactical and strategic knowledge and tools to help drive the organization forward. Epicor ERP provides a robust financial management suite and engineer-to-order manufacturing solutions among other features the organization needed.

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In response to industry-wide challenges, AGM Management committed to investing in technological innovation to maintain a competitive advantage, as the company management understood that to survive in a difficult economic climate, let alone thrive, they needed to do such things as control costs, decrease time-to-market on new products and increase responsiveness to customer demands. Accordingly, to meet these objectives, AGM Management invested heavily in major areas of technology including an end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, almost entirely relying on business intelligence software from Epicor.

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