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Who are we?

Six S is a North America-wide ERP service firm with team members across the United States and in several Canadian provinces.

Our full-service ERP software training and consulting firm has broad industry knowledge and experience, a singular focus on Epicor and a deep understanding of its solutions to provide our clients with the guidance necessary for successful ERP implementation and beyond.

Epicor Global Partner of the Year 2016

Our success, and the success of our clients,
is rooted in the following principles that drive our business:


Our greatest asset; the Six S team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable industry experts who are customer focused in the work they do every day.


We invest in continual education for our team members to maintain the high level of knowledge required to help guide our clients through ERP implementation and beyond.


Each client is unique, but the approach we use to drive positive customer experiences is based on proven and consistent processes that yield results.


The Epicor ERP suite of products provides the full spectrum of tools required for operational efficiency for businesses big and small and across myriad industries.


We see beyond the immediate need of the ERP solutions and add value to each project by overlaying our rich experience and expertise in best business practices.


It comes down to the fact that we love what we do and are driven each day by the satisfaction of a job well done for our valued clients.

We always keep our eye on project scope, timeline and budget because we know that’s important to you, too. We want every client to become a customer for life; the service we provide is all geared to delivering that level of satisfaction every day.

Meet Our Leadership Team

John Preiditsch
President and CEO

I have worked more than 30 years in the ERP software business. I founded Six S Partners ten years ago with the intention of helping clients on another level by bringing together a team with deep knowledge and broad industry experience. The technology is just the vehicle to help our customers; the majority of them are seeking a deeper consultative approach to understand what they can be doing more efficiently with their operations. The people I’ve brought together at Six S Partners are the heartbeat of our business, and they are what make that service and value to our clients possible.

Read what John has to say about the team he has assembled at Six S Partners:

Ray Buchan
Director, Sales and Marketing

Ray brings more than 20 years of manufacturing operations experience to Six S Partners, but more importantly he has a shared passion for helping businesses get on their journey of business improvement. Having implemented ERP himself in past roles, he understands the process and the challenges facing our customers. He is great at helping them envision the use of the ERP tools in streamlining their processes and improving their profitability.

Bonnie Love
Director of Services

Bonnie has the first-hand experience of implementing and managing operations while using ERP. For many years she helped guide Six S Partners’ customers through their Epicor ERP projects; today, that experience, coupled with her supply chain operational background helps ensure that we are focusing our services team in supporting the growth and knowledge of our staff.

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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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