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Migration Services

It has been proven that ERP customers who are operating the most current version of their ERP systems are achieving the greatest return on investment and strategic value for their organization.

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Optimize Business Process Epicor

Whether your systems are in the cloud or native to your own server, you may need assistance to move forward and transform your processes in order to take full advantage of the new features of the Epicor Kinetic ERP software. Whether this means spot-training or a fresh start, Six S Partners has a service team ready to meet you where you need it most.

Six S Partners utilizes the Epicor Cirrus upgrade program to assess your current implementation and identify an ERP system migration project plan to ensure that your software upgrade meets the needs of your business. Utilizing data migration best practices, Six S seeks to make your ERP system migration as frictionless as possible, even after years of relying on the same version.

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