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Services we Offer

Your project needs drive our consultative approach.

We start by helping to identify and prioritize your business needs and match it with Epicor software capabilities to deliver the desired outcome – the optimized business flow you envision for your organization. Then we ensure you’re getting the right type of service to support the Epicor ERP solution your business needs.

Six S Partners provides a variety of services delivered by highly skilled and tenured consultants, including:

Your business is unique, so the approach required to meet your specific needs should be, too. Six S Partners offers advisory services that can improve your business processes – whether it’s change management for helping your teams see and realize your vision, or identifying and implementing best business practices to find even greater operational efficiencies. We hire consultants who understand business first, so we can help your team strategize the right balance of ERP functionality to support your unique processes.

Learn more about our Epicor 10 training courses here.

Your investment in Epicor software will be optimized when you have a highly effective workforce. Performance management consulting is more than just the HR-centric discipline of the past; let Six S Partners help you identify how to improve the operational efficiency of your team to add even greater value to your bottom line.

ERP is an ever-changing technology; Epicor is continuously improving its suite of products and offering new tools that can be of strategic value to the evolution of your business. Once your ERP project is implemented, Six S Partners will help you to stay up to date with software upgrades as well as creating focus areas of improvement and greater visibility with dashboards, automated reports, business process management and alerts.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so we take a custom approach to recommending and delivering the best Epicor solutions for your organization. The beauty of Epicor is the adaptability of the solutions; if your business has specific needs that can’t be addressed through an existing product, we’ll work with you to deliver needed customization.

ERP software is a great tool in your business arsenal. Six S Partners can help you get the most of the investment by determining the best deployment options to meet your business’s needs. Will you start with an on-premise or cloud-based solution? Is mobility an important feature for your team? We can help ensure you have all the other pieces in place to support the effort you’re making in improving operational efficiency, including other systems and hardware that will work in conjunction with and enhance your Epicor solutions.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to help you meet your unique business objectives.