Seamlessly Integrate Payment Processes with EBizCharge and Six S Partners

Century Business Solutions

Six S Partners has provided countless solutions for businesses looking to leverage Epicor to maximize business processes. By joining forces with Century Business Solutions to bring their EBizCharge payment application to our customers, Six S supports more aspects of business than ever–simplifying the payment process, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

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Harnessing the power of Epicor, EBizCharge seamlessly integrates into an existing ERP to grant users a birds-eye view of accounting processes. The PCI-compliant payment application empowers users to easily process credit and debit cards as well as ACH checks with reduced processing fees. EBizCharge users also have unfettered access to transaction histories and can compile comprehensive custom reports to audit organization-wide accounting activity leveraging Epicor Kinetic ERP.


Protect key data

By using advanced data encryption and tokenization technology, EBizCharge safeguards user and customer information–guaranteeing the highest level of payment security. Conduct business with confidence knowing that key data is safe, and customers are being looked after.


Accommodate more customers

Providing more payment options means more opportunities to meet customer needs, and therefore more ways to conduct business. EBizCharge is tailored to the individual, allowing customers to choose from down payment and installment options while easily switching between stored payment options as needed. Six S Partners recognizes that today, business can be done from anywhere. With text invoices and secure payment links, EBizCharge allows businesses to meet customers wherever they are.


Better reporting

Supporting customers is one thing, but understanding them is another. Advanced reporting through EBizCharge allows users to attain a detailed look into customer behavior–providing insights into preferred payment schedules and transaction types. With Epicor, transaction data from every sales channel is funneled into one reporting system, allowing users to keep an eye on all sales in one place.


24/7 Support

Meet customer needs around the clock with 24/7 support–at no additional cost. EBizCharge have been pioneers in integrated payments for nearly 20 years and have the solutions-oriented service team to prove it. Customers can rest assured that should an issue arise at any hour, there will be experts on standby to solve it.

Six S Partners and EBizCharge

The convenience and capability of EBizCharge paired with the implementation expertise of Six S Partners guarantees that users will be supported well beyond the initial implementation. Our team of experts will help you tailor the EBizCharge payment application to your needs, and adjust its capabilities as business needs change.’

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