Southern Folger

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Testimonial Letter

Southern Folger is the world’s leading manufacturer of detention equipment products. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality, most secure products available on the market, while providing the best customer service experience. Our business is life-safety. Manufacturing and servicing a wide range of standard and engineered to order locks, locking systems and integrated electronic systems, our products are specified by design professionals and used by customers that demand only the best.

When selecting a new ERP system, we were looking for a business partner that would provide us with this same level of quality, care and professionalism. After vetting numerous ERP products, it became clear that Epicor and Six S Partners would be able to provide us with the software, technology and support that we needed. We are delighted to say that after completing a successful implementation, our goals of selecting a high performance software and dedicated service partner were met.

Epicor provides the functionality we need to support our complex manufacturing and business processes. From a value perspective, the material planning and scheduling tools have allowed us to maintain a 95% on-time shipment rating while the global supply chain has been in a crisis. Epicor allows us the flexibility to use customer orders and project planning orders to stay ahead of material demand and predict capacity constraints. Additionally, our users find Epicor to be very intuitive and like the consistency across applications. The BAQ’s, Dashboards and Excel export/import functionality gives users instant access to information and has improved productivity.

Six S Partners guided us through a complex implementation. We had excellent consultants that assisted with data conversion, questioned our processes, and helped us configure the software based on best business practices. Six S developers also assisted us with creating customized solutions for several proprietary processes that interface with Epicor.

We had concerns about running Epicor on premise with our small IT staff and were pleased to find it very stable and easy to support. We are also secure in knowing that Epicor and Six S Partners have the resources we need to assist with major upgrades and any issues we can’t handle.

We highly recommend Epicor ERP and Six S Partners for complex manufacturing environments.