Industrial Machinery

As an industrial machinery or capital equipment manufacturer, you face unique challenges – complex engineering requirements, customer demands for higher quality, lower costs and faster delivery. We understand your challenges and will help you improve your operations and customer service.

Epicor provides a global ERP solution to industrial machinery manufacturers that uses the underlying service-oriented architecture (SOA) to:

1. Reduce labor and material costs through implementation of lean strategies and efficient production management via workbenches

2. Increase profits and maximize sales opportunities with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities

3. Ensure high quality products are delivered to customers with robust quality assurance

4. Maintain plant and equipment with preventative maintenance factored into production schedules

5. Produce complex products with product configurator and project management capabilities

6. Provide comprehensive aftermarket service through mobile service engineers and part sales

7. Improve visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution containing built-in dashboards

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