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Testimonial Letter

Uni-Fab made a choice to change to the Epicor Kinetic ERP system in February 2015. The new Epicor Kinetic ERP will enable us as a company to gather and produce consistent input and output data. With an all-in-one ERP system like Epicor Kinetic ERP, the software will help us address our immediate and future needs, like job costing, controlling and maintaining of inventory levels, and real-time data.

Uni-Fab has been serving the machine tool, aerospace and automotive industries for 25 years with a history of producing quality products. After utilizing an older Epicor product for 10 years, in 2014, Uni-Fab ventured out and changed to the JobBoss ERP system. The JobBoss ERP program did not meet expectations and did not fulfill our daily needs, therefore, in early 2015 Uni-Fab teamed up with Six S Partners to help locate the right product which would meet our requirements. With many jobs streaming through the shop our need for a good ERP is critical to our daily operations. Together we identified Epicor 10 ERP as the best solution and best fit to our needs. During our investigation of the software and eventually training, we determined that the Epicor 10 ERP will meet and exceed our current needs and will give us the tools to help us grow.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my company to express our pleasure with the project as a whole. From the time we agreed to change the then-current ERP system to the now-current Epicor Kinetic ERP, Six S Partners has guided and supported our needs. Six S Partners was able to help us envision a process of implementing the software, as well as providing the necessary training to our staff so that when we implemented the ERP we were prepared and ready to tackle our next challenges. With Six S Partners’ support and experience we were able to implement the software under budget and with no issue during the start-up.

Since the implementation over a month ago, we have seen big improvements in our daily processes and we expect more as we adopt further capabilities that the Epicor Kinetic ERP software offers.

As the Director of Operations at our company I am very satisfied with the decisions that were made in conjunction with using Six S Partners and Epicor. I would recommend that any firm looking for a strong ERP system to consider a service partner in Six S Partners and Epicor.