The WHITING Group of Canada Inc.

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Testimonial Letter

I am offering this letter to provide reference to the strong knowledge and professionalism of the service team at Six S Partners Inc.

Following a thorough ERP selection search, The WHITING Group of Canada chose Epicor to be our new ERP system and during the implementation services discussion Epicor recommended that we work with a dedicated partner and introduced Six S Partners. We were reluctant due to past experiences in dealing with partner firms so we asked Epicor to only engage staff who worked directly for them. Due to scheduling difficulties they could not meet this objective and meet the target kick-off date for our implementation so they offered a guarantee to replace any services based on performance that Six S Partners provided that did not meet our expectations. We decided to take them up on that offer. That was more than two years ago and our relationship with Six S Partners has grown stronger with each project we engage you on.

Since our initial introduction, Six S Partners has proven to be a strong partner that proactively works to assist us with our strategic initiatives. Six S Partners has enabled our organization to realize the benefits and power of the Epicor Kinetic ERP system without getting bogged down in the technical details. Since we do not have or desire an IT department, we feel our partnership to be a strong win-win.

Based on our experience over the past few years, we would recommend Six S Partners to any firm looking for a strategic ERP consulting firm that can deliver in a conscientious and cost-effective manner.