Jaylor Fabricating

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Testimonial Letter

After an extensive review of ERP applications in the market Jaylor Fabricating chose the Epicor 9 ERP software to help streamline and improve our ability to cost, track and schedule our operations.

Jaylor is a manufacturer of our own innovative design of agricultural feed mixing systems designed to improve the bottom line performance of cattle and dairy farmers. Our products are sold worldwide with a dealer and direct model of sales and service.

Our previous experience with trying to manage our configure-to-order and make-to-order business was challenged by an attempt to create a custom order and engineering solution with a stand-alone financial, CRM and shop floor application. Over time it became apparent that the custom solution would not scale and meet our needs, so we sought the proven capability and innovation that a package ERP application could provide.

Since that time, Six S Partners, together with their exclusive partnership with Epicor Software, have helped us realize a greater production visibility and control that supported our lean approach, while managing the complexities of a growing international business.

During our relationship, Six S Partners has continued to grow and increase the depth of its service offering. This service approach has enabled our firm to rely on Six S Partners as our one-stop ERP service organization that has been instrumental in implementing the Epicor Kinetic ERP, servicing IT infrastructure and various business consulting initiatives including lean approaches to our shop floor control.

Jaylor looks forward to working further with Six S Partners to further take advantage of the Epicor software and the knowledge of its staff.