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Testimonial Letter

Since our inception in 1977, AarKel Tool and Die Inc. has taken pride in making complex jobs look simple. From our humble beginnings, we have gone on to assemble the industry’s most talented technicians and engineers. AarKel Tool and Die offers full product design and up-front feasibility studies. Using our stateof-the-art equipment and skilled toolmakers, we are able to build tooling ranging from 50 ton to 5,000 ton providing the ultimate in quality.

We have enjoyed an exceptional long-term relationship with Epicor ERP and Six S Partners in support of managing all the automated business processes within our ERP System. We find the Epicor software easy to use, easily customizable, and very reliable regardless of the release we have deployed over the years.

In addition, we are most impressed with the tangible and often transformative impact the Epicor software has had on our business results.

These include the ability to schedule our production on a daily basis taking into account material, labour, machine, and tooling constraints. During the early stages of the Covid pandemic when the automotive industry went into a chaotic period of shutdowns, we were able to smoothly navigate rapidly changing customer demand and deliveries while preserving sustainable employment for our valued workforce.

Epicor’s Product Configurator is another critical tool to our business, allowing us to scale our customer proposal generation and win more business without the need to scale up estimating costs.

And finally, the ability to have all of our business functions in one integrated system allows for a single point of data entry and reporting output, and a cohesive systems experience for all of our end users. We could not say enough good things about Epicor and the expert training services and support from Six S Partners.


Kevin Bechard
Aarkel Group I/T Manager