Webinar on Epicor Automation Studio and Six S Development Team Capabilities

Six S Partners is holding the webinar on February 23 @1:30 – 2:30 p.m. UTC-4. It’s a “can’t miss event” for Epicor developers and technical folks as it provides an overview of Epicor Automation Studio and the capabilities of Six S Partners’ Development Services. Automation Studio is now the go-to platform for interfacing Epicor to any of your enterprise applications with a no-code/low-code approach. It empowers workers to effortlessly integrate and automate workflows between apps, data, and their Epicor platforms. Click here to register.

Epicor Automation Studio dismantles silos

Many companies have an integration problem. Employees working in their business systems can’t access the data they need from the apps that they use every day, such as Salesforce, ADP and Service Now. This creates data silos where employees are forced to search for data across apps, re-enter data several times and constantly context switch from application to application to accomplish tasks. This is alarmingly inefficient and costs companies time and money. 

On top of this there is the divide between business and IT. Only IT and developers have access to the tools, but the tools are outdated and IT can’t keep up with the integration and automation needs of the business users. As a result, the business must wait, which again eats away at the bottom line.

Business examples where Automation Studio helps business users act as citizen integrators and developers

  • Sales wants CRM automation—new opportunities within CRM synced with business systems. 
  • Operations wants new item descriptions automatically translated to Spanish using Google Translate. 
  • Purchasing wants request for approval emails automatically triggered by spending limits. 
  • Accounting wants the latest exchange rates downloaded and updated in the system each month.

 These are just a few business examples for which Automation Studio, powered by Worcato, makes it viable for business users to act as citizen integrators and developers in collaboration with IT for governance. 

Automation Studio empowers citizen integrators to effortlessly integrate and automate scheduled and event-triggered workflows and robotic process integrations between apps, data and your Epicor products with little coding. 

Epicor Automation Studio provides self-service access to a marketplace of over 1000 connectors and tools, and a social community with over 500,000 published recipes, or sets of instructions that automate complex workflows, giving users a head start to adapt and develop their own automations and integrations across CRM, sales, finance, production, marketing, HR, IT and other applications. 

With low-code, visually intuitive capabilities, Epicor customers can get the most value out of their entire technology stack by quickly and easily connecting their Epicor platforms to virtually any applications. 

Automation Studio is a cloud application embedded in cloud or on-premises Epicor platforms for a seamless user experience. As one Epicor customer put it, “Automation Studio solves a real need that we have in our growing business, which is the ability to connect other systems quickly and easily to our instance of Epicor.”

Six S Partners knows Automation Studio

At Six S Partners, we understand that every business has unique needs and we strive to provide solutions that optimize the performance of our clients’ Epicor systems. Automation Studio is certainly one of them and by attending our webinar on February 23 you’ll be able to get the latest details on the scope of Automation Studio’s capabilities.

At the event we will discuss how your Epicor system can be tailored to better meet the specific requirements of your business. We will also explore examples of the customization options for your Epicor ERP system. These include but are not limited to:

  • User interface modifications to improve usability and the user experience
  • Adaptations of reports and forms to better align with your business requirements
  • Customization of workflows to streamline your business processes
  • Modifying and adding functionality to create new processes or modules
  • Integrating with key business applications such as CRM, supply chain management and product life cycle management


To learn more about how Six S Partners’ development services, click here. Otherwise in learning how we can help you please click here.