Six S Partners Wins Awards from Epicor for 2023

On behalf of Six S Partners management, I am proud to share with you: the team that makes it all possible…. Our sales and operational achievements continue to be recognized by Epicor. We finished the year strong and received a lot of attention for beating our combined quota by 129%. We are the only partner that has a US and Canadian quota. Without a strong delivery team we would not be where we are – thank you all!

A very Special shout out to Jason Hindle, Monique Bartel and Ray Buchan for a great year of performance. We are all back at it and hot on the trail to make sure that 2024 is equally if not greater than this past year!! Thank you all for being apart of the success that we have created for our customers, Epicor and the overall organization as we continue to grow and expand to meet the strong market demand. I believe you can all share in these awards and can be proud of being on a winning team!!!!

I am hoping to get a few new names on these trophies for next year – ( hint, hint other sales team members 😊 ).

FY 2023 Awards:
Top Partner Country award – Canada – Six S Partners
Top Channel Partner Solution Engineer – Monique Bartel
Top KNA Sales Professional – Ray Buchan
Top Customer Account Manager – Jason Hindle
Platinum Partner Certified Status – Six S Partners
Platinum Elite Award – Six S Partners