Epicor Spreadsheet Server – Elevating Your Excel-Based Reporting


Epicor Spreadsheet Server is the latest integrated reporting solution in the Epicor portfolio, delivered by the Epicor ISV partner Insight Software, which previously provided Epicor XL Connect. Epicor Spreadsheet Server is not only a financial reporting tool, as it can access the entire database to generate operational reports in Excel for all business areas within the Epicor systems. 

Epicor’s Excel-based reporting

Your daily operations require you to have access to current and accurate data both within and beyond the financials. With Spreadsheet Server, Epicor’s Excel-based reporting and automation platform, that up-to-the minute information is always there for you—without ever leaving Excel. Spreadsheet Server creates a dynamic connection to your ERP, core system or relational data. This translates to automated population of reports and refined analysis while taking full advantage of your existing knowledge of Excel. This empowers you to build reports without calling for IT assistance. 


Drill down for details

With Spreadsheet Server you can drill down into the minutiae found in any report. In a heartbeat, this generates a preview of real-time details from your ERP, core system or relational database. From there you can sort, group and use criteria as you analyze. Drilling down further reveals even more details for nuanced analysis and data visibility. You can even drill down to images of invoices and transactions like sales, projects, manufacturing and inventory—and readily export the details into an email, Excel or PDF file with but one click.

Being able to drill down makes data more visible and enhances analysis. With the easy-to-use drag-and-drop Query Designer tool you can create custom reports across all operational areas. You can also blend GL data with information from other sources into a single spreadsheet. When your report is complete, Distribution Manager empowers you to control who receives which data, when, and in what format.


Eliminate tedious tasks

Spreadsheet Server allows you to eliminate mind-numbing copy and paste tasks. It also allows you to convert formulas to values, to apply password protection and to include attachments all in one single setup. 

When financial and operational information from the ERP needs to be provided to people outside of finance, Intellicast easily takes Spreadsheet Server data and distributes it in a form that non-finance users can understand. With easy-to-use real-time drillable visualizations, Intellicast can empower everyone in your organization with access to answer both immediate and follow-up questions for themselves.


Save time

Spreadsheet Server’s features give rise to intuitive and time-saving processes that optimize efficiency in accessing, reporting and analyzing data from your ERP. Spreadsheet Server users save an average of at least 50 hours per year on their reporting processes over their former methods. What you could you do with 50 hours to enhance the productivity and profitability of your organization?


Spreadsheet Server has drastically reduced the time to create month-end financial reporting packages for all of our operating entities.”


Ryan Bodenhorn


Kokosing Construction Company


Spreadsheet Server customer webinar

This overview of Epicor’s Spreadsheet Server may well have given rise to questions about Epicor Spreadsheet Server training, Spreadsheet Server support, and Spreadsheet Server pricing and other important issues. To help answer them Six S Partners is hosting Spreadsheet Server customer webinar. We look forward to meeting with you at the webinar and to sharing with you our extensive knowledge and experience on the topic.


Epicor Spreadsheet Server Webinar

November 17 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm UTC-4



For more information on the webinar, please contact Jason Hindle at:

866-579-7497, extension 747

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