Epicor Power BI: Performance Management to Give your Organization the Edge

Epicor Power BI

All organizations want to make decisions based on metrics that paint a clear picture of key aspects of their performance. Business intelligence (BI) helps organizations do just that. BI is an umbrella term that refers to the strategies and technologies organizations use to comprehensively analyze data and manage business information in order to guide them in an impressive array of business decisions that run the gamut from operations to strategy.

Strategic business decisions require organizations to establish priorities, goals, and directions in broad terms. In all cases, BI is most effective when it combines data from the market in which a company does business (external data) with data from company sources internal to the business, such as financial and operations data (internal data). The combining of external and internal data generates a synergy that can provide a broad perspective and create “intelligence” far beyond what could be derived from a single set of data.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environments, BI tools can be used to generate insights into new markets, to gauge the demand for and suitability of products and services for various segments of the market, and to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Business Intelligence Technologies

BI technologies can handle tremendous volumes of data—both structured and unstructured—to help identify, develop, and create new strategic business opportunities. These technologies make it easy to interpret big data. Identifying new opportunities and activating effective strategies based on data-driven insights can give businesses  a competitive edge that leads to long-term growth and rising profits.

Common applications of business intelligence technologies include:

  • Reporting
  • Online analytical processing
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard development
  • Data mining
  • Process mining
  • Complex event processing
  • Business performance management
  • Benchmarking
  • Text mining
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics

Discover Epicor Power BI with Blue Sky ERP’s BI Application

Blue Sky ERP’s Business Intelligence Application is the tool of choice for businesses looking to bring key data to life— and Six S Partners is now the North American distributor of this remarkable software.

Building on the power of Microsoft’s Power BI platform and leveraging the efficiency of Epicor Kinetic ERP, the Blue Sky Business Intelligence Application delivers engaging reports and in-depth analytics that provide exceptional value to Epicor users and the uninitiated alike. The app adds a whole new dimension to Epicor. Through various out-of-the-box reporting applications, each department can attain valuable insights and users can easily dive deeper into data for more detailed discovery.

The Blue Sky Business Intelligence Application harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI and merges this with an intellectual understanding of the Epicor ERP data structures and business processes to deliver interactive reports that plug directly into your Epicor ERP data without the need for a costly setup and consultancy.

The Blue Sky Business Intelligence Application’s out-of-the box suite of reports cover business areas such as sales, finance, inventory, purchasing and production. Quickly report on your monthly KPIs and targets and share visualizations, reports or data across your business with fellow Power BI and non-BI users. Reports can be accessed directly from your Epicor homepage and shared on a Microsoft Teams channel or across email.

You can access your data on the go just about anywhere in the world with any device using a web browser or the Power BI mobile application.


Six S Partners is proud to be North America’s exclusive distributor of Blue Sky BI—a responsibility that our team embraces knowing the value it provides—particularly to Epicor users. Click here to learn more about how Six S Partners can help you leverage the Epicor dashboard and BI information or help you build out your Epicor Power BI tools set to fully lead by results and measure by the numbers.