Epicor Kinetic: End-to-End Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Based in Austin, Texas, Epicor Software Corporation creates tailored and intuitive end-to-end ERP software for small and midsize businesses. Epicor has decades of experience in designing ERP solutions for a remarkable array of industries, and its expertise allows it to offer ERP software that perfectly meets the needs of manufacturers and distributors. Epicor does this by constantly striving to understand the latest trends in technology and workflows. It embraces a “future-focused” philosophy that proactively incorporates technological advances into its end-to-end ERP solutions. As a result, Epicor is known for its powerful and adaptable software offerings, with innovative tools for everything from human capital to manufacturing operations.

Hitting the market in 2021, Epicor Kinetic has quickly become a leading offering in the manufacturing ERP space. Its core functionality is designed to streamline critical business processes while maintaining excellent compliance, thereby accelerating business growth, maximizing profitability and ushering businesses into the future of manufacturing.

What is end-to-end?

End-to-end describes a process that takes a system or service from beginning to end and delivers a complete functional solution, usually without needing to obtain anything from a third party. It often refers to vendors that can see a project through from beginning to end, and supply everything needed to create a workable solution—be it hardware, software, labor, written materials, and procedures. End-to-end solutions also adhere to a philosophy that eliminates as many middle layers or steps as possible, which helps to optimize the performance and efficiency of a business.

What is end-to-end ERP?

End-to-end ERP is a solution that provides visibility throughout the organization, helping manufacturers communicate internally and externally. This leads to improvements in everything from product design to process controls, and offers organizational leaders deeper insight and better control from the shop floor to the top floor.

What do manufacturers get from end-to-end ERP?

Manufacturers that implement end-to-end ERP are more likely to:

  • Generate a real-time perspective into status of all processes
  • Readily and precisely follow components and items throughout the purchasing, manufacturing, and sales processes
  • Keep track of regulatory compliance
  • Process for a mock or real recall

Kinetic ERP end-to-end modules

Tasks ranging from human capital management and supply chain management to customer relationship management and financial management are incorporated into easy-to-use and highly customizable modules. Comprising the heart and soul of Kinetic, these modules, listed below, cover all aspects of a manufacturer’s operations.

Human capital management

  • Core HR
  • Global HR
  • Candidate self-service
  • Employee self-service
  • Talent management
  • Training and development
  • Position control
  • Timesheets

Service and asset management

  • Service management
  • Returned material authorization
  • Service contract and warranty management
  • Case management
  • Maintenance management
  • Field service management

Production management

  • Job management
  • Advanced production
  • Kanban lean production
  • Data collection
  • Advanced MES
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality management system

Supply chain management

  • Purchase management
  • Supplier connect
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Inventory management
  • Advanced material management
  • Advanced unit of measure
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Quick ship
  • Warehouse management
  • Supplier BDI and B2B integration

Planning and scheduling

  • Forecasting
  • Master production scheduling
  • Smart demand planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Scheduling and resource management
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Infinite, finite and constraint-based scheduling

Financial management

  • Global engines
  • General ledger
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Tax automation
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Credit card payments
  • Cash management
  • Credit and collections
  • Asset management

Customer relationship management

  • Contact management
  • Marketing management
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Case management
  • CRM mobile
  • Integration to Salesforce.com

Sales management

  • Estimate and quote management
  • Order management
  • Sales order automation
  • EDI/demand management
  • Point of sale
  • Commerce connect
  • Dealer network postal

Product management

  • Bill of materials
  • Routings
  • Engineering change and revision control
  • Document management
  • CAD integration
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product costing
  • Product configuration

Project management

  • Project planning and analysis
  • Project generation
  • Project billing
  • Resource management
  • Contract management
  • Planning contracts
  • Time management
  • Expense management
  • Advanced project management

Six S Partners: Your partner in implementing Kinetic end-to-end ERP

As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Six S Partners well knows how Kinetic will change the future of business for the better. To learn more about implementing Kinetic to empower your business and streamline your cloud ERP experience, send a note to Six S Partners at [email protected] or dial 1-866-579-7497.