Epicor Kinetic and Six S Partners: User Experience Refined

Epicor Kinetic and Six S Partners: User Experience RefinedSix S Partners is a certified Epicor Platinum Partner providing full-service ERP software training and consulting to countless clients across North America. Kinetic, the all-new user experience from Epicor designed to empower all users to maximize the software’s functionality, was fine-tuned using the feedback of over 100 existing Epicor customers–and Six S Partners is eager to begin implementing this revolutionary refresh on Epicor’s leading cloud ERP solution.

With Epicor Kinetic, Epicor improves upon an already industry-leading user experience, streamlining critical business practices and increasing productivity. The result is a cloud ERP solution purpose-built with manufacturers in mind, designed to accelerate business growth, maximize profitability, and usher businesses into the future of manufacturing. Leveraging the support of Six S Partners, manufacturers utilizing Epicor Kinetic will be given the support they need for success during cloud ERP implementation and beyond.

Why Kinetic?

Despite near limitless industry functionality, Epicor’s existing user interface was in need of a facelift. Kinetic guarantees users a predictable experience, providing a clean and consistent interface across all Epicor platforms and expansion modules. Kinetic users are empowered by its ability to intuitively simplify repeat tasks, and the four guiding principles behind the Kinetic Design System–simple, intelligent, modular, and consistent–greatly enhance the user’s ease-of-use.

Built with the future in mindBuilt with the future in mind

Digital transformation, the evolving workforce, and the increased importance for a connected experience are all factors which have shaped Epicor Kinetic. Epicor Kinetic’s multi-phase launch will see the introduction of several innovative applications which will expand functionality and support businesses in ways previously thought impossible. Kinetic’s unparalleled modularity will allow businesses to refine their ERP cloud solution as needs change, and the system’s intelligent design will ensure that these updates are frictionless.

New dynamic solution from Epicor, same exceptional support from Six S Partners

This new ERP cloud solution solves specific challenges that businesses face while providing a user experience which inspires confidence in power users and the uninitiated alike. Epicor Kinetic aims to introduce technology to more users by lowering the learning curve–a goal which is supported by the training and implementation consultants at Six S Partners. For new and existing customers alike, Six S will ensure that the transition to Epicor Kinetic minimizes business disruption. With the diversified offering of modules supported by Kinetic, Six S can now tailor a project that is completely unique to the desired outcomes of a given business. Implementation from Six S Partners ensures that Kinetic users are getting the absolute most out of their cloud ERP solution.

Kinetic, the revolutionary cloud ERP solution from Epicor, builds on the legacy of Epicor Kinetic ERP and enhances the already industry-leading flexibility of the cloud ERP solution. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Six S Partners is well-versed in Epicor’s solutions and has already begun to see the ways in which Epicor Kinetic will change the future of business for the better.

To learn more about how Epicor Kinetic can empower your business and streamline your cloud ERP experience, send a note to Six S Partners at [email protected] or dial 1-866-579-7497.