Mill and Metal Processing

Mill and Metal Fabrication Process

Your industry demands quality and strict regulatory compliance in order to safely manufacture products that often include hazardous materials. We understand those unique needs. Together with Epicor software we enable your firm to address these challenges and expand capacity through efficient scheduling, reduction of waste with demand pull materials preparation, and accelerate order fulfillment. Our mill and metal processing software industry specialists have worked in partnership with customers making textiles, paper and non-ferrous metal products to build the ideal ERP system for continuous production operations.

Epicor Kinetic ERP has evolved over many decades. TheĀ Epicor Kinetic ERP system is specifically designed to handle attributes such as dimensions, grades and patterns which can be defined without creating new product codes. There is full support for co-products and waste products to be included within the bill of materials which is optimized for formula and rate-based manufacturing. Graphical scheduling capabilities and the ability to integrate with a wide range of plant and equipment make Epicor unique in the metal processing systems marketplace. Additional features include the ability to:

  • Track every raw materials unique batch ingredients and traceability through to finished goods
  • Maximize throughput and constraints with efficient production scheduling
  • Define dimensions and grades without creating new product codes
  • Connect to shop floor equipment for real-time monitoring
  • Monitor cut scrap and waste and reduce WIP inventory levels
  • Respond quickly to customer schedules and just-in-time orders