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CADLink for Epicor – Webinar (open to customers only)

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CADLink for Epicor – Webinar (open to customers only) « May 11, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm UTC-4

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CADLink runs from your CAD system and takes data directly from the on screen drawing or model and integrates it with Epicor.  Increase productivity, Bill of Material data accuracy, and cost savings.
  • Auto part numbering

Auto Part Numbering offers User-defined part numbering logic using Epicor Part Class or Product Group ID.  With this option CADLink will auto-generate available part numbers from your Epicor database and write back the newly assigned part numbers to your CAD file properties.  The feature provides flexible options for part numbers of any length.

  • Job BOM

CADLink Job BOM creates and updates Epicor Job BOM directly from your CAD files.  It compares CAD BOM to a specific Job BOM in your Epicor ERP.

  • Quote BOM

CADLink Quote BOM creates and updates Epicor ERP Quote BOM directly from your CAD files.  It compares CAD BOM to a specific Quote BOM in your Epicor ERP.

  • UDF Mapping

UDF Mapping module allows you to map your CAD properties to ANY user defined fields you create in Epicor Part or BOM table.

  • MBOM

MBOM module allows manufacturing engineers to re-organize BOMs saved from CADLink in order to optimize them for manufacturing.  The user can change BOMs in the same way they would in CADLink.  In addition, the user can drag and drop parts and assemblies as well as change their properties and add operations.  MBOM also has its own database where manufacturing BOMs can be saved, and edited. With MBOM, the engineer saves the manufacturing BOM through CADLink and their work is finished.  The manufacturing engineer then opens the saved manufacturing BOM and is able to make changes to it before pushing it to the ERP.



May 11, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Jason Hindle
866-579-7497 x747