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Winning the profitable growth race requires the right people, process and technology. Is your Epicor deployment structured so that management can make well-informed, split second decisions that fill excess capacity and help you deliver on-time & profitably? Our ERP veterans can provide a winning plan and help ensure your team embraces the change.

Together, we can build a race-ready plan to help you cross your finish line to lead your market.

The Right People

The Six S Partner team is comprised of experienced industry experts who are customer-focused on every implementation.

The Right Process

Together, we can build a race-ready plan to help you cross your finish line to lead your market. Are you ready to compete?

The Right Technology

By deploying the winning technology with the support of our manufacturing veterans, you can deliver on-time & profitably!


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Six S Partners has proven to be a strong partner that proactively works to assist us with our strategic initiatives. Six S Partners has enabled our organization to realize the benefits and power of the Epicor Kinetic ERP system without getting bogged down in the technical details.

Steve Kopelchak
The WHITING Group of Canada
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Six S Partners, together with … Epicor software, have helped us realize a greater production visibility and control that supported our lean approach, while managing the complexities of a growing international business. This service approach has enabled our firm to rely on Six S Partners as our one-stop ERP service organization that has been instrumental in implementing the Epicor Kinetic ERP, servicing IT infrastructure and various business consulting initiatives including lean approaches to our shop floor control.

Gerry Tamminga
Jaylor Fabricating

The team at Six S understands the intricacies of how people and processes can flow through a manufacturing plant floor. Their experience allowed our organization to implement Epicor while maintaining our unique manufacturing processes.

Tyler Pahlke
Digital Strategist, MetalBoss Technologies Inc.

Six S Partners guided us through a complex implementation. We had excellent consultants that assisted with data conversion, questioned our processes, and helped us configure the software based on best business practices. Six S developers also assisted us with creating customized solutions for several proprietary processes that interface with Epicor.

We highly recommend Epicor ERP and Six S Partners for complex manufacturing environments.

Margaret Schauffele
Director of Business System Solutions, Southern Folger

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