Our team never stops learning; it’s one of the principles that drives our business.

We want to share that knowledge with you as you consider your ERP selection. We’ve collected a series of educational resources here for your use. If there is something specific you’re looking for that you don’t see here, ask us, and we’ll get you the information you need.

Epicor Kinetic ERP Product Tour

For almost 50 years, Epicor has worked hand-in-hand with our customers to get to know their business almost as well as they do — creating industry-specific software solutions and services that help them do business better. That’s working with you, for you.

Push Past These Common Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturers have a tough job—even under ideal circumstances. There are so many complex steps required for a part to get into the hands of a customer. And when things go wrong, sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting a never-ending series of fires.

The Common Sense Guide to Digital Transformation

For manufacturers, simplifying your business process and streamlining your organization is a constant concern. Whether you’re just starting out or are actively growing, making improvements to challenges like supply chain visibility, production, and product delivery can put you on a path to greater success.

Top Epicor® UserExperience Benefits

Technology is ever evolving. We’re continuously innovating to deliver the modern and intuitive applications
your business needs to stay competitive today and tomorrow.Discover the top user experience benefits you get when upgrading
to the latest release.

Six Business Imperatives Driving a Connected Manufacturing Strategy

As our world changes, we’re becoming more connected in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. While the number of connected devices increases, the cost of technology is decreasing, and fundamentally changing our expectations.

How to Successfully Select an ERP System in 8 Simple Steps

If you’re looking for your first ERP system or looking to upgrade from an existing system, the evaluation, selection and implementation process is a long-term strategic decision for your organization.

Getting Comfortable in the Cloud

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but if you don’t quite follow what they’re saying, it comes down to this—using the cloud is using technology over the Internet.

Discover the Benefits of Choosing an Epicor® Certified Software Partner

Your Industry Productivity Solution will be the backbone of your business—centralizing data, powering processes, and driving automation. After selecting the right solution, choosing a qualified enterprise software partner is the most important decision you will make.

8 Considerations for Choosing Your ERP System

Here, discover eight considerations to bear in mind when you’re looking to replace or upgrade your ERP system. Some relate to the ERP vendor you’ll partner with; others are about the ERP system itself. We think you’ll need to take all of them into account to ensure the ERP system you choose is the right one for you.

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What’s New in Kinetic

What’s New in This Release – Controlled Release Version

Kinetic in ELC

It’s exciting times for Epicor as our Manufacturing customers, partners, and employees move to Kinetic 2021.1 and our new Epicor Design System. Evolving alongside the product are our customer’s learning opportunities and experiences, as well as our internal positioning and messaging.

The Risk of Outdated ERP Systems in Manufacturing

If your manufacturing company has been using your current enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for more than five years, chances are the system is outdated and inefficient—and the company is at risk of falling behind in technology and processes.

Whether you are looking for a new implementation of business processes or a overhaul of the use of your systems to optimize your business our education services are here to help. Six S Partners offers basic short courses that you can use for internal improvement efforts through to more comprehensive strategic projects that help you improve areas of your business such as supply chain, finance scheduling or cross departmental efforts.

Epicor’s Kinetic ERP continues to have more version releases and with that the opportunity to leverage these capabilities relies on you and your team’s ability to absorb the knowledge that will be required to optimize and use these features in your day to day business.

Contact us to help create an educational package tailored to your needs. Daily classroom rates start as low as 195 per day for our live online education courses when you have 3 or more people attend.

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