Epicor Kinetic and Six S Partners: User Experience Refined
Epicor Kinetic and Six S Partners: User Experience Refined

Six S Partners is a certified Epicor Platinum Partner providing full-service ERP software training and consulting to countless clients across North America. Kinetic, the all-new user experience from Epicor designed to empower all users to maximize the software’s functionality, was fine-tuned using the feedback of over 100 existing Epicor customers–and Six S Partners is eager to begin implementing this revolutionary refresh on Epicor’s leading cloud ERP solution.

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Top 5 Cloud Security Myths

“Moving to the cloud” is a phrase you hear a lot with technology these days. Touted as faster and more secure, cloud presents as an ideal choice. But many companies still feel more comfortable with their feet on the ground and are hesitant to make a change. It’s understandable. Moving from on premises to cloud hosting is a big decision. Before you decide to stick to your on-premises solution, let’s break down some cloud security myths.

AI becomes mainstream, companies need to develop strategic roadmaps for implementation
4 Technologies Driving Digital Transformation Market Trends

Technology is driving digital transformation market trends and creating a futurescape where artificial intelligence (AI), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), automation, and blockchain are converging in what some futurists call the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0.

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